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5 Benefits of a Side Hustle (That has nothing to do with money)


Everywhere you look people are taking on some sort of side hustle, what’s more, is that chances are pretty good that you will get a message from someone inviting you to check it out.

So should you hop on the side-hustle train?

Your mother always said, “just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you need to do it too.”

“But Mom, what if it’s good for me?”

Did you know that according to Forbes magazine, it is estimated that over one-third of millennials have a side hustle?

A side hustle allows you to work something that is flexible in your free time. Hey doesn’t that make it paid time?

What if you could get paid to pursue your passions?

I know money isn’t everything so let’s look at how that side hustle can make you be and feel better.

1. Your “day” job won’t be so stressful 

Most of us work jobs not because we want to but because well, we’ve got bills to pay. What if you weren’t worried about all that and felt like you had a purpose outside of the daily grind? Imagine for a moment how different life would be if you were the one behind the wheel instead of feeling pushed around?

2. You won’t want to be around those who are Negative Nellies

When you’ve got places to go, people to see, and things to do you won’t have the time or desire to deal with those people who hate life. That will no longer be you. When you are looking at the lighter things in life, you will be drawn to others like you.

3. Enter new exciting people

Ever heard about the Law of Attraction? Like attracts like. The reason why you won’t want to be around those Negative Nellies is that you will be drawing people who are like the new and exciting you.

4. Growth 

I’ve spent my life trying to be better than the way I was the day before. I believe my side hustle makes me want to be better not only in my business life but every other area of my world as well. I merely feel and act differently.

5. Your light will finally shine 

Listen when you are finally able to latch onto and live your passion your whole world will look different. You will look and feel better, and you will be more engaged in life.

In all, you do, be unique be you,



Do you have a side hustle, or are you thinking about getting one? I’d love to hear your thoughts on doin’ the hustle.


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