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6 ways to protect your skin from the sun



I live in Southwest Florida, a place known for beautiful beaches and sunshine, lots of it. I am VERY pale. As a matter-of-fact, I always joke that when I get sunburnt I am whiter than I was before after the red fades. As you can imagine, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make sure that I am covered. Now the news is telling us that the sunscreen we’ve been depending on for years isn’t necessarily protecting us. WebMD, says that protection should be for both UVA (ultraviolet A) and USB (ultraviolet B) rays. The purpose of sunscreen is to either, “shield you from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays in two ways. Some work by scattering the light, reflecting it away from your body. Others absorb the UV rays before they reach your skin.”

While researching this post I found arguments for and against the level of SPF, but the one thing that is clear we must be careful how we spend our time in the sun.

What are our options?

Stay out of the sun-not a good idea unless you are a vampire.

According to Healthline.com, our brain needs access to the sun to boost our mood, with the release of serotonin. When it is dark, our body releases melatonin to help us sleep. If you’ve ever worked nights or lived in an area that is dark and rainy, you know how messed up your body can get.

The next best option is to make sure that you are being mindful of the time you are out in the sun and protect yourself.

Here are some tips to protect yourself.

1) Get a good hat to cover your face and neck. I found a beautiful one online that I will model for you when it comes in!

2) Get a good pair of sunglasses that has UV protection. In my opinion, there is nothing better than Maui Jims!
I have a pair called Punchbowl and yes they are prescription. Of course, I am being biased the key here is to make sure that you wear them!

3) Wear a swimsuit and or cover-up with UV protection, if possible. I wasn’t able to find too many cover-ups on Amazon, but there are swimsuits. Most of the ones I saw didn’t seem to be something that I’d want to wear. I did find a cute beach cover-up and sun shawl.

4) Stay away from tanning beds and sunlamps. I wish I had done this, but unfortunately, I have spots on my skin, that I am keeping an eye on. I’ve been told the most important thing to do is make sure it doesn’t grow bigger and if it does to get to a dermatologist.

5) Limit direct exposure to the sun. The American Cancer Society says the hours between 10 am and 4 pm is the times when UV rays are the strongest.

6) Last, but not least use sunscreen a sunscreen that protects you from both types of UV rays. This isn’t such a bad idea for your body, but I hate putting sunscreen on my face. It feels and tastes nasty. Yes, I wrote tastes. I know you’ve gotten it on your lips and well you know—yuck! I am excited to share an awesome option for you! Younique has just announced an SPF 25 Broad Spectrum Finishing Powder. That’s right, a sunscreen that is a powder!

Are there any other suggestions that you have for taking care of yourself in the sun? Please share below.

Remember in all that you do, be unique, be you.

Uniquely yours,


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