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Dare to Be Willing to be Used by God

As we move closer to the celebration of the birth of Jesus, I cannot help but look at how Mary was willing to be His mother. She, like Esther, understood she was born for such a time as this.

I love the story of Esther she is a picture of the woman I want to be. Someone willing to do what God needs to save her people. Mary is the same way in her willingness and faithfulness to serve God.

I believe Esther is an Old Testament picture of Mary.

Here is a brief comparison between Esther and Mary. While we know little about either before we meet them in the Biblical narrative, one thing is clear, God used them because they were willing.

👸🏾 Esther’s parents were completely out of the picture and her cousin of Mordecai raised her.
👸🏾 Esther and her people lived under the rule of the King of Persia.
👸🏾When Queen Vashti refuses to come “dance for the king at his party, it is one of the seven princes of Persia who condemns her. Based on Daniel 10, this can be identified as “an evil spiritual entity that wielded authority over the ancient kingdom of Persia.*”
👸🏾 Esther is brought to the king to be part of a “beauty contest” and is crowned Queen.
👸🏾Haman, the accuser of the Jews seeks to have them all killed
👸🏾Mordecai discovers the plot to kill the Jews and tells Esther
👸🏾Esther found favor in the king’s eyes and didn’t die when she came before him without being invited. She went knowing she could die and did it anyway. (Esther 4:14-16)
👸🏾Esther’s obedience saves her people
👸🏾Haman, accuser of the Jews, hangs on the gallows, on display, he had made for Mordecai. This scene serves as proof of the victory over their enemy
👸🏾The Jews are saved

🤱🏽There is no mention of Mary’s parents
🤱🏽 Mary was betrothed to Joseph
🤱🏽Mary finds favor in the eyes of God and chosen to be the mother of Jesus
🤱🏽Mary had to be a willing vessel to be used of God to save all of humanity
🤱🏽Mary’s unexplained pregnancy, prior to her marriage to Joseph, was adultery and punishable by death
🤱🏽Mary chose to “accept her fate.” She specifically says, “Let everything you’ve said happen to me” (New King James, Luke 1:38).
🤱🏽The world enslaved by the Prince of Persia—Satan
🤱🏽Satan sought to condemn humanity through the death of Jesus, the One, who came to save it.
🤱🏽They hung Jesus on a cross, naked, and on display. “Proof” of Satan’s victory.
🤱🏽Jesus rose again on the third day, victory over death, hell, sin, and Satan loses the battle!

How can you and I be a present-day Esther or Mary?

I believe we find this answer the Words of Jesus in what we commonly call the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7. During this sermon, Jesus shares with us how we can faithfully live for God. He also shares this one truth, which I believe will help us the most. If you and I “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” (Matthew 6:33, Modern English Version) we will want to be like God because we are actively spending time with Him. Getting to know Him. Our desire will be to the service of our King, our God. 🙏💜

Just like there are times God doesn’t appear to be in our lives, some say, God, isn’t in the book of Esther, but I believe He is. He placed Esther in the Palace to save His people. He came to Mary at the perfect time to stop the 400 years of silence from Heaven. Just because we don’t see Him working in our lives, doesn’t mean He isn’t.

There may be times when Heaven seems to be quiet, but I want to assure you God is always there, He is always watching. His timing is perfect, and He is seeking those of us who will be used by Him.
Are you ready for such a time as this?
I’d love to hear how God is using you.

Uniquely Yours,

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