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Can you truly trust the Lord?


Have you ever felt like life is just a giant roller coaster of ups and downs? I know I have.

I HATE roller coasters!

If you have ever been with me to a theme park know that I will close my eyes, slow my breathing, hold on to the handlebar, and try to focus on something else until the ride is over.

In life, you and I can’t do that! But I’m sure you agree, it would be great if we could get off at the next stop. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Some people might try to convince you that life will be better if you just “think positively” or recite a bunch of affirmations. 🧐🧐

Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe that these things will help, but the reality is that life CAN and WILL be difficult.

It is important to consider how we handle our thoughts and WHO we focus on during these times.

In Psalm 34:1–22, David writes there is still no exemption for the children of God from trouble. He does, however, remind us to trust God, call on Him, and know the Lord can and WILL see us through our troubles! Not only that, He will use them as a blessing to us and through us to others.
That, my friends, is awesome news!

Even better, God will help us with our feelings. We have absolute assurance is that God is near us always. πŸ’ͺ

This is particularly helpful to know when our hearts are broken and our spirits are crushed. This is not a promise with conditions attached to it; it is a FACT. πŸ”₯

The next time you begin to question the things that are going on in your life, review the following truths and take courage from them!

πŸ”₯ The Lord will take care of our physical safety until our work is finished. (Psalm 34:19–20)

πŸ”₯The Lord will take care of our enemies (Proverbs 5:22)

πŸ”₯When we trust in the Lord and ask for His forgiveness, we are forgiven! Rom. 8:1, 33–34).

πŸ”₯ The Lord listens to our needs and doesn’t forget us (Psalm 69:20).
It is my prayer, this gives you hope in whatever you are going through today! If you’d like to read more posts like this, please go to my blog, www.beuniquebeyou.com and subscribe to my email list!

Uniquely yours,


Based on excerpts taken from Wiersbe, Warren W. Be Worshipful. 1st ed. Colorado Springs, CO: Cook Communications Ministries, 2004. Print. β€œBe” Commentary Series.

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