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Dare to be Assertive


What does it mean to be assertive?

Some synonyms include demanding, domineering, overbearing, bossy, and another “B” word that most women would NEVER want to be considered. (At least I know I don’t want to be. 🙄 )

As a recovering people-pleaser, I struggle with being “liked.” I assume that I can’t be decisive and not be considered too big for my britches. Seriously, who wants to be around a stiff-necked jerk? 😲😲

Not me! 😔

The biggest challenge, however, is if “you (or I) don’t stand for something, we (can and) will fall for anything” (Anonymous modern proverb).

Being assertive doesn’t mean you are a bully, I believe it means you know where you stand with the things. You know what you believe, the things that you hold dear, and you are unwilling to allow someone else to dictate those things.

This DOES NOT, however, mean you try to force your beliefs on others. 🧐

You have to learn to pick your battles. 💪

This is so hard for me! I am certain my tongue is about three inches shorter because I keep biting it 😜👅

So how do you walk this fine line?


It takes a lot of prayer and grace from God.

Abd this comes from understanding where our power, love, and self-control comes from.

It is possible, I am proof of that!😍

I’d love to invite you to my free Facebook group called, Dare to Be You. This group is about sharing challenges and victories with a group of like-minded women who want to grow in Christ. There is even a mentorship program!

Go to http://bit.ly/Dare2BeU

I hope to see you there!

Uniquely yours,


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