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Dare to Be Rescued


Do you ever feel that God isn’t answering your prayers? 

Perhaps you think your prayers aren’t being answered because you are praying for the wrong things.

Or maybe God isn’t answering your prayers because you aren’t worthy.

Unfortunately, I have felt all the above. This stems from one specific incident.

Prior to turning eighteen, Momma had me make a promise. 

She said, “As long as you are under the age of eighteen, I am responsible for you and your actions. So, I want you to promise you won’t have sex until afterward.”

She said she’d made the same promise to her father.

Well, here is the truth. During my teenage years, there were a few guys who showed an interest in me. I told them I couldn’t have sex because of the promise I’d made. Over those years, I had some heavy petting sessions. I was afraid to stand my ground, so I compromised. 

Then when I turned eighteen, I was dating. I perceived I kept my promise so now it would be on me. 

So, we did.

It devastated Momma when she found out. 

“You are breaking God’s heart,” she said. “There are only two ways to correct this. You either stop or you get married.” 

She took a gamble here. She knew my thoughts on marriage. My brother and I were from broken homes. I’d always said I’d never get married

I’ve told this story before, claiming that I just didn’t want to stop having sex, but the truth is, I was afraid if I stopped, I’d lose the one and only man who would ever love me. I’d spend the rest of my life alone.

I didn’t want to be alone.

No one wanted me to marry him. The day of our wedding, I remember standing there looking at the Pastor I loved and respected with sadness in his eyes. (He refused to marry us, but he let us use the church and he ran the sound.) 

At this point, it was all about my pride. 

I’d made my bed and now I had to lie in it.

Torn between fear and doing what was right. I stationed myself between two worlds. 

I can look back now and see God’s divine intervention time and time again, but because I wasn’t sold out to Christ, my soul suffered.

I suffered.

I acted in ways I never thought I would.

What started about as a slow drizzle, became a deluge of regret.

Do you think you are so far gone that nothing or no one can save you? 

I want to assure you this is a BOLDFACED LIE!! 

Satan wants you to believe there is just no use in trying to seek forgiveness, because you aren’t worthy, but I want to tell you that Jesus came in a manger for this very reason.

The hardest thing to grasp is this amazing truth—forgiveness is available. 

The Good Shepherd came for me…

He rescued me…

He’ll do the same for you. 

If you are reading this, it is not by accident. 

God is calling for you to come out of the shadows. 

You, my friend, are worthy. 

You are worthy because the Prince of Heaven says you are!

I dare you to allow yourself to be rescued by the One and only Prince who can. 

Uniquely Yours, 


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