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Dare to Believe


What do you do when you cannot sleep? I will often toss and turn in hope that sleep will finally come, but at some point, I just know it won’t.

That is what happened this morning.

Momma used to tell me the best way to deal with a night like tonight is to just get up, pray, and start your day in The Word.

See the enemy of our souls wants to do whatever he can to tear us down.

There are two things he comes for in my life: money and health.

What about you?

What are the areas in your life that come under attack?

Don’t believe in Satan? Doesn’t make him any less real.

Revelation 12:9, tells us “the ancient serpent, who is called… Satan, [is] the one who deceives the whole world” (emphasis added).

You might be wondering IF this invisible enemy is real, how do I fight him?

I am glad you asked! You see there is another trick the enemy tries to pull. He will try to tell you there is no hope and that there is nothing you can do to make your life better. This my friends is also a lie!

You see Jesus defeated Satan already and it is through His power you can tell Satan to get lost!

Because greater is He who is in me AND in you than he who is in this world! I am not promising you all rainbows and unicorns, because there will be storms. What I am telling you is that you are NEVER alone! All you have to do is call out to the Lord and He WILL hear your cry!

The Lord promises in, Hebrews 13:5(CSB), “I will never leave you or abandon you.”

So the next time you feel alone, under attack, or otherwise unable to deal with the things that are happening in your life, call out to God and He WILL answer!

I love you and I pray this gives you courage,

Uniquely Yours,


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