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Dare to Encourage others


Have you ever met someone or heard about someone who inspires you?

I love hearing about how someone goes against the odds to become a man or woman of greatness. When you and I hear a story of courage it encourages us to step and do something great too.

For a long time, I thought I had to be perfect before God could use me.

Have you ever felt that way?

The Bible is full of stories about the imperfect men and women who God used for His glory. God isn’t looking for perfection.

All He wants is a willing heart.

This is what God found in David.

Most people know two things about King David. His highest point, the battle with Goliath and, his lowest, his affair with Bathsheba. Nevertheless, God still called him a “man after His own heart.”

I believe this is because when David came face-to-face with his sin, he not only repented, but he also allowed the forgiveness of God to wash over him.

I hope this encourages you as much as it does me. I know I have made mistakes, who hasn’t?

If there is one thing I want God to say about me is, “I’ve found Dianna to be a woman after my own heart” because that would tell me that even though I have sinned and fallen short, He still sees that in my heart I am seeing Him.

Can God say this about you?

Uniquely Yours,


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