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Dare to Fail at Doing


No one wants to fail, at least I know I don’t.

It seems in today’s world of Social Media failure is not an option! We have to show the world how influential we are, and the proof comes from how many “likes,” “shares,” and “followers” we have. This search for validation can also be found in our family roles, volunteering, jobs, school, and even ministries.

We have in our hearts a desire to “be somebody.” I do not believe that in itself is wrong. After all, we were created in the likeness of God, The One who is Creator of all. I believe that is why you and I long to create.

As created Beings we are made to be Someone, We ARE someone because God created us to be. Yet we search for value and meaning in what we “do” NOT who we are.

Someone once said we should remember that we are “human beings” not human doings.

Why then do we seek gratification in our doings?

Why do I feel I need to always be doing something?

I always struggle with being, as Psalm 46:10, instructs


Can you identify with this? Can you feel the pain that comes with failing at what you are doing and determine you are a failure at “Being” too?

Oh, that we could find peace, His Peace. His Strength and if we insist on “doing” we do this one thing continuously.


I don’t believe I am alone in this. I’d love to hear how you are being today. Today this Being is going to rely on Him and His Glory to do those things He has called me to BE!

Uniquely Yours,


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