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Do you love adventure?




Do you love adventure?
It’s sort of funny to even write these words, but I love a good adventure. That journey into the unknown.
I remember when I was 15 and Momma got divorced from my step-father and she said we were going to Florida. She said that she hoped that we could stay there, but even if we couldn’t, it would be the first vacation we ever took.
When people found out we were planning on moving over 1700 miles away from Ohio to Florida, they would ask, “Aren’t you scared?”
“Absolutely not,” I said, “I am looking forward to it.”
Now there are times when I look into the future, the unknown, and I feel myself seising up.
The future has become a scary place for me.
What if in the future, I spend the rest of my life alone?
What if I have to declare bankruptcy?
What if I will never own my own home?
What if I miss God’s still quiet voice?
What if I fail, Him?
What if I don’t become the woman He created me to be?
After all, I didn’t listen to Him when He told me not to get married at 18, I am 45, divorced, living paycheck to paycheck, renting an apartment…
The list goes on and on.
I allow my what-ifs and emotions that get the best of me but I have nothing to indicate that these things will ever happen.
Still, fear grips my heart.
The Apostle Paul reminds us in 2 Timothy 1:9-10, God saved us and called us with “a” Holy Calling.
Notice the ‘a” this is specific. we are created for A single purpose, not base on anything you or I can do, “but according to His own purpose and grace.”
Our purpose has nothing to do with anything we can do with our own power and strength! Isn’t that exciting?
This means we don’t have to be perfect, because, well let’s face it, we can’t. We can, however, rely on the power that dwells within us! The power given to us from Christ Jesus!
Now that is something to get excited about! Things may not always go the way we want them to, but God’s not finished!
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