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What do I do–Really?


You might think I just sell makeup and skincare, but what I really do is offer confidence.

Growing up I never felt like I fit in and this feeling got worse once I reached high school. I felt unworthy. Raising two kids was hard for my single Mom. She did her best, but I would never fit in with the “IN” crowd because I didn’t have designer clothes or a fancy car.  But something magical would happen when I would put on my makeup and fix my hair. I became a movie star! I could smile, laugh, and play the part of a happy girl. The funny thing is that my fake confidence would become real.

Part of my struggle with feeling unworthy came from being part of an unfortunate statistic. One in every four girls is sexually abused. My company has a foundation dedicated to helping these women find healing.

Women like me…

You might think I am the same as every other representative in my company or others that offer makeup and skincare, but who I really am is unique. The best part is I show women that it is not only okay to be different, but it is also something that she should celebrate!

I offer more than a business opportunity. I provide a chance to change the future of a family. I wish my Mom would have known about network marking, then she wouldn’t have had to work a full-time job and two part-time jobs just to make ends almost meet.

Too many families–women– have too much month left over when the money runs out. What I love about my company is that I offer is hope! A way to make an extra $100, $200, or more a month to buy groceries, the electric or even go out to dinner.

Who do I work with? Women who wear makeup and or have skin.

Seriously, the women I am looking for are ones who are passionate about changing their lives, of their families and those around her by uplifting, empowering, and validating women everywhere.

I’ve chosen to devote myself to helping women realize who they are and what they can accomplish. My mission is to use my creativity to support and empower women to appreciate themselves and others for their uniqueness.

Uniquely Yours,


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